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LIVE livingroom makeover on The View

I did a LIVE living room makeover for the View on ABC. We started the makeover at 11:07am and completed the transformation at 11:53! And look how happy everyone looks for the AFTER shot.

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Rooftop Garden Living in West Village

furniture gardens rooftops



Installation day at a Backyard Garden in Tribeca

backyards furniture

Log benches and cement picnic tables

This Surprise by Design makeover took one day only to transform this abandon lot in NYC into a smashing garden with ample seating.

backyards furniture gardens

Fall in Hell's Kitchen

furniture gardens rooftops

Williamsburg Green Roof

furniture gardens rooftops

Our Office Waiting Room

Mix it up..outdoor furniture for indoor, country table for modern loft, residential furniture for an office space. This was our office space and the minute a client walked in they knew...we were either IT or not.


citron indoor garden room for Health magazine

citron indoor garden room designed for Health Magazine.


My own shady outdoor living room

backyards furniture

Mixing Metals

Who says you can't mix and match. I love metal furniture..old, new, modern and classic all mixed together.


Rooftop dining Al Fresco


Cement sofa

I hate wasting even inch on a rooftop I designed this furniture so you could grow things in it.


Log Bench and Table

The cement table tops are held up by fenced in logs.I designed for a one day make over for Surprise By Design on the Discovery Channel.

backyards furniture

Fabric Design for a new collection


Sitting pretty on a meatpacking roof

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Pencil cactus

floral hotel interiors

Outdoor loft in Chelsea

furniture gardens rooftops

we custom furniture

furniture gardens rooftops

Forsythia beckons Spring

There is nothing more promising than a tall vase filled with forsythia branches in late March.


A well-lit table

We made the plexiglass end table with feathers in the top and lights inside.

furniture interiors

Bright Green in the Garden

furniture rooftops

French Anemone TIle

I designed these tiles to add some real punch to any room


Lit headboard

Who needs a night light if you have a headboard with a great back light. I made this for a Surprise by Design Episode first. I liked it so much I kept making them.

furniture interiors

Lavender and Hydrangea on a Rooftop in Tribeca

furniture gardens hotel rooftops

Comfy Cement Sofa on a Hell's Kitchen Roof

furniture gardens rooftops

Urban Oasis in Hell's Kitchen

The cement pavers and cement sofa make and ideal oasis high above the bustle of Hell's Kitchen on a roof in New York City.

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Tiles for a green roof

I love the rust of old vintage furniture, the drama of miscanthus grass, the yellow green of the yellow groove bamboo,the new green of budding birch trees and African milkweed on a ceramic tile.