We love the CITY and we love NATURE…successfully merging the two is the ultimate challenge for any urban landscape. Our goal is to create an URBAN PARADISE.

We are urban horticulturalists, landscape dreamers AND city dwellers… All qualities needed for making the best garden design company in the New York City.

With two decades of experience and a reputation for excellence, we deliver great design combined with meticulous and timely installations.

Sky’s the Limit when it comes to the creativity of our urban landscape designs. And fast….we are instant gratification specialists!


The challenge of any urban garden is in keeping it URBAN.  It shouldn’t look like a garden in the Hamptons.

Why can’t a green roof be livable?  Why should we give up precious living space for plants…let’s SHARE!

We are proud to have designed one of the “Best Hotel Gardens in the World”  at The James Hotel in Soho.


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Salix, Birch and Juniper on the Roof

gardens home rooftops

Dining Al Fresco.

I designed this garden as I would a loft, creating intimate separate areas for dining, relaxing and viewing. Featured in Garden Design Magazine

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As featured in Garden Design Magazine

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Custom Zinc containers


Green roof, green furniture, green walls!!!

No reason to limit the green to the roof surface only when doing a green roof...why not the table, the walls, the art along with the floor!

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On The House LIVE interview

On The House, LIVE, interview for the radio with Sam Lemheney of the Philadelphia Flower Show.

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Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

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Best Green Wall Ever!

garden shows green roofs rooftops

Bamboo Custom Furniture for a Small Terrace


Before and After in Williamsburg

When you live with this spectacular view of the Manhattan...why sleep or eat inside. I designed this rooftop with a bed, jacuzzi, dining table and grill! What more do you need?


A Terrace View from Above

We created a slivered oasis in this deco office building, two blocks form Madison Square Gardens. The teak flooring, the Maple trees and the take furniture become a respite in an overcrowded city...even if we did have to scrunch it all together.

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Growing the Green Wall

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Green Roof in Williamsburg

gardens green roofs rooftops

Secret Garden in Williamsburg

This is what I call a Living green roof. It is a roof with green grids, tree, water features AND plenty of furniture so you can LIVE WELL in the green.

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Judging at the Philadelphia Flower Show

John Cullen's tribute to Ireland at the Philadelphia Flower Show

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Green wall at the Francisco Flower and Garden Show

garden shows green roofs

Loft Living on a Chelsea Roof

furniture gardens

The leaf chair!

furniture rooftops

Lysmachia and Heuchera

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Green Grid, Birch Grove Rooftop

Birch trees underplanted with artimesia planted in grey zinc and resin planters bring out the silver of the East River below and the Manhattan skyscrapers beyond in this Williamsburg rooftop garden

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Penthouse at the Tribeca Grand Hotel

gardens hotel rooftops

Zinc containers

In order to make a garden fit on a small office terrace sometimes we have to go custom. We created a green wall in zinc planters with a line of birch and junipers. Low maintenance and beautiful.

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A tight color pallet on a rooftop garden

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Ivy on the Hotel walls

gardens hotel rooftops

Judging at the Singapore International Flower and Garden Show

It was such an honor to be invited to Singapore to judge the the International Flower and Garden Show where I got to meet some of the best garden designers in the world. Jim Fogarty, from Australia won a gold Medal.

garden shows rebecca

A Bed on the Roof

When you sleep on a rooftop in Brooklyn you feel even closer to the stars.

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Dog Park at the Soho Grand Hotel

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Jimmie's Pool

hotel rooftops

Outdoor Living in the Hampton's

For this summer party in the Hampton's we set up outdoor livingrooms complete with hanging chandeliers that complemented the hydrangeas!

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Perennial Border in the Sky

Perennial borders can be created on a rooftop garden starting with maple and clump birch trees then adding the nepeta,sweet potato vines and more.


A Garden Oasis in the Village

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Secret Garden

This secret garden can only be seen from the roof above in the heart of the West Village


Metropolitan Home

Metropolitan Home covers a lush garden in Soho.

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Snowmound Spirea on a Chelsea Roof in the Summer

A lush overgrown rooftop garden with a view still intact.


Wood and Cement custom table

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Log benches and cement picnic tables

This Surprise by Design makeover took one day only to transform this abandon lot in NYC into a smashing garden with ample seating.

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Zinc Teak Table

This custom made zinc and teak table is ideal for rooftop garden surrounded by metal and glass skyscrapers.

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An Elle Decor Garden Feature

gardens media rooftops

we design custom furnishings for a small terrace

furniture gardens rooftops

Williamsburg Green Roof

furniture gardens rooftops


A Tribeca garden with the a view of the World Trade Centers. After 911 the building was not livable for nearly a year but the the garden survived.

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Wisteria on a cedar pergola


Growing Furniture

I love designing furniture and fabrics for outdoor living room. The carpet and the end table are planted with succulents and the glass coffee table allows the sun to nourish the green grids.

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Sixty Soho Rooftop Bar

gardens hotel restaraunts rooftops

Chelsea back yard

backyards gardens

potato vine pergola

gardens restaraunts rooftops

Monstera Leaves, French Tulips and Saaba Beans

Macy's Flower Show arrangement of the day!

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painted floor at Sixty Soho Rooftop bar

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Hidden Vent Pipes

Nepeta, Liatrus, sweet potato vine, sedums, lobelia, birch trees, turns this rooftop into a lush container garden.


Condo's Shady backyard

backyards gardens

Red Maple on a Roof

gardens hotel rooftops

Log and Succulent table- at Northwest Flower Show

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Wisteria Growing At the Soho Grand

backyards gardens hotel

The James Hotel Outdoor Lounge

gardens hotel rooftops

west side rooftop

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Fall in Hell's Kitchen

Outdoor living the fall in NYC....heaven!


Green Art of Succulents

green roofs

Tile table and Arper Lounge

furniture green roofs rooftops


gardens rooftops

West Side Rooftop

gardens rooftops

San Francisco Garden Show- Best in Show

furniture garden shows green roofs

Terrace at he Google Building


A Sunny View on the Upper West Side

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Northwest Flower and Garden Show

A 'living' green roof design created to both live and grow green wins Best in Show in Seattle. Event the art on the office wall is living.

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furniture gardens rooftops

Cement Sofa Designed by Rebecca Cole

furniture gardens rooftops

Water Tower on the Rooftop Garden

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Grasses in Meatpacking District

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A Soho Hotel Bar

hotel rooftops

Tired but Happy to win the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

It was a real honor to win Best in Show at the both San Francisco and Seattle's Garden Shows. And this green wall is one of the reasons why,

garden shows rebecca

Park Avenue Hedge Fund Terrace


Shady Haven

backyards gardens

Green Wall by Rebecca Cole

This intricately planted green wall shows contrasting colors and geometric shapes can make a spectacularly modern landscape.

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