We love creating modern botanical arrangements weekly for some of the best restaurants and hotels in New York City

Specializing in unique containers, surprising florals and natural botanicals…if not plucked from the garden…then at least inspired by!

Garden inspired, urban influence…our naked botanicals not only expose the roots of the plant…but the simple beauty of nature.


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800 candles in all...

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We take orders by phone and email daily.


Beautiful large Succulent

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A table scape made of grapes, small eggplants, kiwis and apples mixed with lilacs and French tulip accented by a fuzzy weed from the field...all to make a spectacular Vermont wedding as beautiful as the surroundings.

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Just Married in Brooklyn

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Good Housekeeping Photo Shoot

Good Housekeeping asked me to use the discarded parts of the flower to make something beautiful. I love the way the stems bend back and split open like a flower themselves!


Onion in an Arrangement

onions and snapdragons...

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White Christmas

I hate red and green for Christmas. My preferred palette is white...think snow, silver bells and candle light and you got a a great table setting

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Sunflowers and an outdoor wedding


Flowers on the Pews

sap buckets for Aisle markers...perfect for a Vermont wedding


Alice Waters Party

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Think local, seasonal and BRIGHT for a a luncheon in the Hamptons.

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Blue Bouquets

Blue Bouquets made with blue hydrangeas, calla lilies, ladies mantle, scabiosa, blue delphiniums...French tied.

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Pencil cactus

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Grapevines in Wedding Tent

The grapevine hanging from cable on the ceiling of this wedding tent serves two purposes...1. hides the lighting cable and 2. created intimacy in a vast shell.

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Hanging Votive on Tall Branch Arrangement

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Wedding Bouquet

Purple tulips, ladies mantle, miscanthus grass, rudbeckia pods and lamps ears makes a surprising combination for this modern bouquet.

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Flower Power

I wrote this book with simple floral recipes of some of my favorite ideas. Helen Norman shot the fantastic pictures and Clarkson Potter published it. You can order a copy here...

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Onions and Chrysanthemums


Asclepias and Ferns at the Met


Peonies on a Bar

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Carrot Arrangement

Sometimes you don't need flowers!

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Party Mantle


Simple Grapevine Arch


Winter White Dinner Party

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Flower Power--Union Square Green Market

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Amaranthus and Alliums

Amaranthus and Alliums make a spectacular entry way bouquet.

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bride & groom hand in had

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