We love creating modern botanical arrangements weekly for some of the best restaurants and hotels in New York City

Specializing in unique containers, surprising florals and natural botanicals…if not plucked from the garden…then at least inspired by!

Garden inspired, urban influence…our naked botanicals not only expose the roots of the plant…but the simple beauty of nature.


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Picky Ringbearer

Subtle colors on the bridesmaids really sets of off the blue hydrangeas of bouquets.

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Milkweed at Restaurant

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Fringed Pink Tulips

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This is one of my favorites!

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It was a fun challenge to create a wild, fun, sophisticated event design for the launch party for Patricia Fields clothing line for HSN.

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Hydrangea, sweet pea and viburnum

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Cream Bouquet


In Style

A monochromatic bouquet photo spread in In Style...

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White roses in Small Urn


Setting up at Lincoln Center

Cushion can make a real statement in a public space such as the one at Lincoln Center for this event for The American Ireland Fund

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Vermont Wedding Tent

Mason Jars and Paper Ball lights hanging from Grapevines on cable keeps these wedding guests beautifully lit in a cavernous tent.

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bride & groom hand in had

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Magnolia at the Soho Grand

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Blue Bouquets

Blue Bouquets made with blue hydrangeas, calla lilies, ladies mantle, scabiosa, blue delphiniums...French tied.

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Sunflower and Roses

Sunflowers, croscosmia, Leonitis roses, crocosmia, rudbeckia pods, sunflowers, hypericon berrie in a terracotta pot as a vase.


Blue Bouquet

This spectucular bouquet is a simply all scabiosas tied with a periwinkle ribbon.

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Flowers on the Pews

sap buckets for Aisle markers...perfect for a Vermont wedding


A happy Bride and Groom


Orange Poppies and Peppers

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Flowers In Large Urn

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Sitting pretty on a meatpacking roof

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A Country Wedding in Vermont


Carrot Arrangement

I think carrots are as beautiful as flowers...

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Pencil cactus

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Brooklyn Winery Wedding

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Calla Lilies and Onions

Black Calla Lilies, Chrysanthimums and Onions in a simple black ceramic square vase makes a strikingly modern arrangement.


Carrot Arrangement

Sometimes you don't need flowers!

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