We love creating modern botanical arrangements weekly for some of the best restaurants and hotels in New York City

Specializing in unique containers, surprising florals and natural botanicals…if not plucked from the garden…then at least inspired by!

Garden inspired, urban influence…our naked botanicals not only expose the roots of the plant…but the simple beauty of nature.


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Sunflowers and an outdoor wedding


Bride and Groom see the reception for the first time

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A Country Wedding


A happy Bride and Groom


Peonies and Privet

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Onions and Chrysanthemums


Guests arrive at to the tents At Linclon Center

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Nike Event

Setting up for a Nike corporate dinner event.

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Summer parties are all about color!

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Vintage Wedding

arrangements weddings

Flowers make the small events

Sustainable event decor,

events floral

Orange Rununculus

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Flower Power

I wrote this book with simple floral recipes of some of my favorite ideas. Helen Norman shot the fantastic pictures and Clarkson Potter published it. You can order a copy here...

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Dogwood Centerpeice

Cherry blossoms and Dogwood branches make dramatic centerpieces for large events.

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This is one of my favorites!

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Black and white wedding

Black and white weddings really makes a bouquet stand out ...maybe that's why I love them so much.

floral weddings

Magnolia at the Soho Grand

floral hotel

Silver Bouquet

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White hydrangeas and Purple sweet peas


In Style

A monochromatic bouquet photo spread in In Style...

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Glass and Mercury Ornaments on a Champagne Tree

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Frittilaria...my favorite flower!

Checkerboard frittilaria,


Hydrangea, sweet pea and viburnum

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Carrot Arrangement

Sometimes you don't need flowers!

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Dress to Match

I always appreciate it when the guests match the the decor as these two do at Kim Seybert"s Hampton's luncheon.

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Good Housekeeping Photo Shoot

Good Housekeeping asked me to use the discarded parts of the flower to make something beautiful. I love the way the stems bend back and split open like a flower themselves!


Rununculus at an Event

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Milkweed at Restaurant

floral restaurants

Asclepias and Ferns at the Met