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Lavender Bud Vase

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Wine Barrel Wow Factor at the Brooklyn Winerry

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A Shoot fo Good Housekeeping

Hyacinths...leaves and all, makes a chic arrangement in a simple glass vase.

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Tall Branch Centerpiece at Tribeca Wedding

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A table scape made of grapes, small eggplants, kiwis and apples mixed with lilacs and French tulip accented by a fuzzy weed from the field...all to make a spectacular Vermont wedding as beautiful as the surroundings.

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Bright Bold Bouquet

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Guests arrive at to the tents At Linclon Center

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Grapevines in Wedding Tent

The grapevine hanging from cable on the ceiling of this wedding tent serves two purposes...1. hides the lighting cable and 2. created intimacy in a vast shell.

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Brooklyn Winery Wedding

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Nubby Things

I love using loads of nubby, gritty, fuzzy things mixed in with great flowers. It takes the edge off the sweetness.

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Callas and Lilacs

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Hydrangea, sweet pea and viburnum

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Country Wedding


Cherry Blossoms Center Stage

Centerpieces of Cherry Branches can be so dramatic for any Spring Event.

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Votives at the Met

We lit 800 candles in 30 minutes for this event at the Metropolitan Museum

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Bouquets and Boutonneires

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Blue Bouquets

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White Peony Bouquet

White peonies bridal bouquet with a French tie.

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The Romantic Bouquet

Dogwood, roses, tulips, lilacs, viburnum makes a sweet combination for both centerpieces and bouquets.

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Black and white wedding

Black and white weddings really makes a bouquet stand out ...maybe that's why I love them so much.

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Flowers In Large Urn

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White and Blue Wedding Bouquets

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One Long Table

Repeating all one color or one type of flower can have a very dramatic impact.

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White and Silver Centerpiece

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Simple Grapevine Arch


Blue Bouquet

This spectucular bouquet is a simply all scabiosas tied with a periwinkle ribbon.

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Winter White Dinner Party

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Long Tables for a Casual Wedding


Blue and White Wedding

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