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Lilics and Roses

Lilacs, roses, ferns and sweet pea for creates a festive floral display for any spring time event.

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Candles and Pillows for Events

The best way to make an outdoor event feel more festive is to add flowers, pillows and candles.

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A Shoot fo Good Housekeeping

Hyacinths...leaves and all, makes a chic arrangement in a simple glass vase.

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Silver Bouquet

events floral weddings

Flowers In Large Urn

arrangements floral weddings

Tall Branches with Hanging Votives


Country Wedding


Wedding on the Jersey Shore

bouquets weddings

Just Married in Brooklyn

bouquets weddings

Lliac and Ball Jars

Lliac,Ball Jars, and terra cotta pots makes a simple statement at an outdoor country wedding in Vermont.


Blue Bouquets

bouquets weddings

Pretty in Pink Beakers

arrangements restaurants weddings

Brooklyn Winery Wedding

arrangements bouquets weddings

White and Silver Centerpiece

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In Style

A monochromatic bouquet photo spread in In Style...

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Picky Ringbearer

Subtle colors on the bridesmaids really sets of off the blue hydrangeas of bouquets.

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Blue and White Wedding


Bouquets and Boutonneires

bouquets events floral weddings

800 candles in all...

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Nubby Things

I love using loads of nubby, gritty, fuzzy things mixed in with great flowers. It takes the edge off the sweetness.

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Boutonnieres awaits the groomsmen


Votives at the Met

We lit 800 candles in 30 minutes for this event at the Metropolitan Museum

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Peony and Eucalyptus Bouquet

Peony and Eucalyptus makes the perfect hand-tied bouquet.

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Orange Restaurant Table

floral restaurants weddings


Summer parties are all about color!

events floral weddings

Bride and Groom see the reception for the first time

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Flowers on the Pews

sap buckets for Aisle markers...perfect for a Vermont wedding


candles on stairs

Marie wanted to kill me when she was only halfway thru lighting the 800 votives...with only 12 minutes to go before guests arrive!

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